6.0L Ford PowerStroke UCF "Original" O-ringed Complete Reman Heads with Long Cups with Core Return SALE

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6.0L PowerStroke® Diesel O-ringed Heads
UCF "ORIGINAL" Complete Reman Heads with Long Cups
With Lifetime Warranty
With Refundable Core Return
Per Pair
!!!! SALE !!!!

Like most in the current business climate, we strive to keep our items in stock and ready to ship, we occasionally run into delays. Please call to confirm availability before ordering. 717-249-8517

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  • Listed price includes refundable core charges.

  • Total online price $3,014 $2,807 for heads, refundable core charge, and shipping ​(excludes applicable taxes)
  • Includes: $2,035 $1,828 - 6.0L heads (pair)
  • Includes: $515 (Core charge $257.50 x 2 — *CORE CHARGES policy link below)
  • Includes: * Shipping - $464  (Continental US) - pre-paid return tags included **
  • Optional porting and polishing only an additional $876
  • Optional 2 Victor Reinz (Mahle) Head Gaskets for only $155 more
  • Optional ARP 2000 Head Studs for just another $545
  • Optional High-Rev/Boost Performance Valve Springs $361

*Please read about Core Charges in our FAQs.
** We include  UPS return tags with your order on all items shipped within the Continental US. Shipping is pre-paid back to UCF Machine Shop. If you have questions please read our shipping policies or give us a call. Outside of Continental US, call prior for shipping quote.

We only remanufacture OEM Ford cylinder heads. We DO NOT USE the New CHINESE cast heads which now flood the market. We have been remanufacturing 6.0L Ford heads for over 10 years and we have been tweaking and perfecting them based upon real world feedback. Our process is proven with the OEM Ford castings and we would not feel comfortable selling the New CHINESE castings, since we would not be able to attest to their durability.

All heads have had the following remanufacture operations completed:
• Completely disassembled
• Thermal cleaned and shot blasted
• Magnafluxed for cracks
• Cooling system pressure tested
• Fuel rail pressure tested with pressurized fuel
• All valve guides replaced with oil retaining spiral core guides
• All intake valve seats replaced, using high grade cobalt/iron inserts
• All exhaust seats replaced, using nickel, cobalt non-magnetic inserts
• Cylinder # 4 & 5 injector holes sleeved to prevent "fuel in coolant issue"
• The remaining 6 injector cups are replaced with new Ford cups
• All glow plug sleeves are replaced with new Ford sleeves
• The fire deck is resurfaced flat with a finish compatible with MLS gaskets
• O-ring grooves machined into deck
• Multi angle performance valve job with radius cut for improved flow
• Set spring pressure, spring height, stem height, and valve recession
• New bonded Viton® valve stem seals installed and heads assembled
• O-ring wire installed, head painted and prepared for shipping

Plus with our Porting Upgrade (an additional $876):
• Multi angle performance valve job with 5 angles and radius cut for improved flow
• Porting concentrating on the bowl and seat area of the ports yielding significant gains
• Intake airflow typically gain 18-23% below .500” lift
• Exhaust airflow typically gain 14-18% below .500” lift
• Made to work well with factory and performance cams
• Lowers EGTs, Lowers Boost, Increases Efficiency, Increases Power

A note about Head Dowel size:
18mm head dowels were used from Model Year 2003-2006.5 and had casting #s 1843080C1 thru C4. Example: a 2006 Model Year truck that was built in 2005, came with 18mm head dowels from the factory.
20mm head dowels were used for Model Year 2006.5 & 2007 with the casting #1855613C1. The rocker box bolt size and location changed, along with the fuel injector holddowns and are not directly interchangeable with the components for the earlier 18mm dowel engines.
SRH (Service Replacement Heads) these heads are a 20mm head dowel casting #1855613C1, but the top is machined to use the earlier rocker boxes and injector holddowns from the 18mm dowel engines. These were made by Ford for use on the earlier engines that needed heads replaced, after they had switched production to the newer castings. These heads are the intended use for the 18-20mm stepped dowels, since they have 20mm dowel holes, but are supposed to mate to a block with 18mm dowel holes.


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