Our Team

The Masters of Heavy Metal

Great TEAM = Great Products & Service!

Manipulating steel, iron and aluminum to the most precise of measurements, ensuring that an automotive or agricultural engine maintains both pressure and performance under daily duress requires a very specific skill set. So when you say you're all about "precision" and "performance", you'd better have a great team in place to make that happen. Denny Knaub has assembled a terrific team of ENGINE MEN… experienced machinists, managers, and service personnel. 

Whether it's Bob & Scott fulfilling orders and service tickets, or Mike and the Boys boring, grinding and fine tuning engine components, or Denny repairing or rebuilding an engine, you can count on them all knowing their job and understanding the importance of every order and project.

This is why you can rely on UCF Machine Shop to do it right!


Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30AM - 5PM