Engine Repair

From the Valve Cover to the Oil Pan

When it Comes to Your Engine, UCF Has You Covered

There can be so many variables involved in any engine repair. UCF Machine Shop is better equipped than your average repair only shop to handle these variables. This is due to the fact that we are trained in all aspects of engine repair and rebuilding. In other words, we perform the tough jobs which repair shops are either unequipped, unskilled, or may be under-invested to do. For example, when a cylinder head needs tested, or spark plug threads in need of repair - they call us.

Why UCF Machine Shop for Engine Repair?
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Decades of experience
  • Highly trained machinists
  • Complete rebuild capability
Process Equals Precision & Performance

When you break it all down (so to speak), you can easily see how thorough we are with our repairs. You can then also understand why being as thorough as we are may solve your engine issues more completely, and even provide longer engine life, better fuel efficiency and better performance.

Let’s say a person takes their car to their mechanic because it isn’t running right and has overheated. The garage can test the cooling system as a whole, pressurizing it, and look for leaks or a loss of pressure. They can test for hydrocarbons in the coolant too, but they cannot isolate components while the engine is still assembled in the vehicle. If they suspect the culprit is a blown head gasket or possible cracked cylinder head, they can remove the head and bring it to us for further testing. Some of the additional diagnostic procedures in our arsenal include magnafluxing ferrous metal components to check for cracks, pressure testing individual components to check for leaks including leaking cracks, accurately measuring cylinder head warpage severity to determine if it was a factor in any failures, checking the head’s thickness and comparing it to the factory specification to ensure it still has a serviceable life left, and vacuum testing how well the valves seal the combustion pressures inside the engine make sure would not be a loss of engine performance due to a loss of compression.

We are also well versed when it comes to trouble shooting internal engine issues and extend the 3 C’s of Concern, Cause, and Correction in vehicle repair domain to the realm of engines. We like to get as much information about the problem that someone is attempting to fix so we can discuss any procedures we offer that could help. We emphasize determining the root cause of a problem instead of just attempting to blindly patch an issue. We may be strict in our adherence to these guidelines but we do this to prevent the issue from reoccurring causing unnecessary downtime and further expense to the customer.


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